About us

Manos que sanan is a non-profit organization based in Monterrey that benefits children and teenagers who are fighting cancer or other chronic degenerative diseases; supporting both, the children and their families.

We work hand in hand with incredible volunteers, other organizations and companies to make a positive impact with our programs. These programs are designed to help low-income Mexican children and families providing support and improving the life quality for our little ones.

Our objectives:

  • Lower the emotional stress that childhood cancer brings.
  • Increase public awareness of childhood cancer.
  • Provide psychological and financial support to families in the treatment process of their little ones.
  • Create a community of people willing to join a beautiful cause and help others.

Our history

Manos que Sanan was founded in 2013, our story begins with little Bryan. He was admitted to the hospital in his fight against cancer, during his stay he gathered some toys for the other children in the hospital. That is how we met him, in one of our conversations he told us that his dream was to visit the beach. Our founder, excited with this dream and with this boy’s big heart, he knew that he had to do something to fulfill this boy’s dream. This story moved many hearts, thus making it possible to get transportation, lodging and meals in the city of Tampico, Mexico.

Sadly, a few weeks before travelling to fulfill his dream, Bryan had medical complications and passed away. This news were very hard, but also the little warrior planted something beautiful in our hearts. With everything ready for the trip and a group of people ready to fulfill dreams, we were not going to give up now. We met Vicky and Eva, two little girls also fighting against this horrible disease, and fulfilled their dream (and Bryan’s) when they saw the sea for the first time. Our friends from Tampico were so happy to meet these girls that they let us invite more kids to fulfill their dreams too. Little by little these trips became regular and inspired more people to join this beautiful cause.

This is how our main program was created and how our mission was born: “To positively transform the lives of boys and girls in hospitals and high-risk areas with hope, joy and love.”

In Mexico

Every four hours a child dies of cancer

More than 5000 new cases are registered every year

Cancer is the second leading cause of infant mortality in the country – figures from the Ministry of Health México (2019).

Our team

Margaret Donnelly

Ambassador of the Children of the Americas.

Hermann Saldívar

General Director

Mónica Moreno

Director of altruistic contacts

Mayte Quezada

Administrative Coordinator


Well-being and Health

Raquel Villarreal

Medical Coordinator

Luisa González

Marketing and brand image


College students