Beach Dream

This is our main program, the kids, accompanied by their mothers, fulfills their dream of seeing the beach for the first time. It is an adventure full of fun and peacefulness to put aside the anguish that comes from being under treatment and hospitals.

Let’s get together

It is an event held on special dates, such as Christmas and Children’s Day, that benefits children from low-income and marginalized areas with the donation of toys, clothing, food and a fun children’s show.

Basic Goods

Donation of a bundle of basic goods to families in need with children fighting against cancer. These families’ income was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and they don’t have enough resources for their basic necessities.

Family support

Different psychological support programs for mothers grieving the loss of a child. Donations of items of first necessity such as medicines, blood donation and monetary support. We also have family fun time programs such as walks, tours and sports events.