Donation of a bundles of basic goods to families in need with children fighting against cancer. These families’ income was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and they don’t have enough resources for their basic necessities.

Do you want to know more about this program?

Food for Every Kid is a program that consists of Donating a basic bundle of goods to low-income families with children struggling with cancer or degenerative diseases.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected thousands of people around the world in many ways. However, there are those who have been more affected. Why do these children and their families need our support? Due to the situation, many moms and dads have lost their jobs and are not earning enough income to cover all costs of these expensive treatments, medications, household needs, among others.

And did you know that our little ones o Did you know? Our little ones, having cancer or diseases, need to eat very well, eat lots of fruits, vegetables and proteins to be very strong in order to continue fighting this great battle.

We need your help! We continue working hard to provide basics bundles of goods to families so that their little warriors continue eating in the best way to have a good immune system.

As of today, thanks to all the people and companies that have been part of this program, more than 500 families have received groceries and / or electronic wallets with a value of $ 2,000 mxn.

Help us provide food for the homes of children with cancer.

With your help we can change the lives of boys and girls. Thanks to all the people and companies that join this cause we have been able to make a change, but there are still many families who need us.

We invite you to donate to the program or support with items from the basic bundle of goods.