It is an event held on special dates, such as Christmas and Children’s Day, that benefits children from low-income and marginalized areas with the donation of toys, clothing, food and a fun children’s show.

Do you want to know more about this program?

We want all boys and girls to have a wonderful childhood despite the adversities they may face. That is why our team holds a day full of fun, excitement and joy, where we give them toys, a fun children’s show and a spectacular meal for them and their families.

In this program, we also visit kids in hospitals. We bring them toys, children’s characters, and even celebrities as an effort to gift them a special time of joy and fun and to remind them to stay happy and strong even in the hardest times .

It is very important for us to work side by side, to be next to them, to work alongside them, to support them with the kids through these difficult moments, reminding them of how wonderful it is to be a child.

You too can be part of this program and create More Smiles and Less Pain.