Sponsor a kid
At Healing Hands For kid’s we are very serious about fulfilling dreams, not only ours, but those of our little ones. With this program you can become the godfather of one of our wonderful children to help them fulfill their dreams (beach dream). Learn beautiful life lessons from these great warriors by being involved and supporting them and their families through difficult times and experience first hand the impact of a magical trip. We know that being a part of a kid’s life is a gift that needs a lot of consideration. We invite you to contact us to discuss more about the program and the best plan for you to join this great cause.

As a non-profit organization, we are supported by an amazing group of volunteers who make our programs and events possible each year. Our volunteers are the heart and soul of Healing Hands for kid’s, sharing their knowledge, time and energy to fulfill the dreams of all the children we support.

Healing Hands’ volunteers have a great impact on the lives of hundreds of children in need. We assure you that you will have a wonderful experience by sharing special moments with our brave warriors who will fill you with hope, love and fun.

Become an Official Partner

If you are a Corporate Association, we have several options and strategies for you to meet your commercial goals, marketing and community engagement objectives.

We are currently an authorized donee and with your help we can combine efforts to brighten the lives of hundreds of children and their families each year.

Discover the different ways in which your company can be part of this dream.