This is our main program, the kids, accompanied by their mothers, fulfill their dream of seeing the beach for the first time. It is an adventure full of fun and peacefulness to put aside the anguish that comes from being under treatment and in hospitals.

Do you want to know more about this adventure?

This program fulfill the dream of boys and girls in hospitals of visiting the beach for the first time. In this adventure, the kids are able to enjoy different activities, tours and walks that they have never experienced before. As our motto says: “This is not another hospital trip”.

Rest assured that our little ones do not travel…Our little ones do not travel alone, they are accompanied by their mothers, our experienced team members and a highly qualified nurse to supervise their health.

Our kids prepare their bags, excited to take the first flight where they talk to the flight captain and visit the plane cabin.

Once at the beach, they enjoy the best accommodations, facilities, services and attend the best shows at the hotel, Where they have fun, dancing and singing. Meanwhile, they start to prepare for the next days full of exciting activities.

One of the activities that excites them the most is swimming with dolphins. Thanks to the Dolphin Discovery Foundation, the children play, swim and enjoy a fun-filled afternoon together with the dolphins.

Our children have the best views. From where? You guessed it! From a parachute ride where they enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful sea.

The little ones become captains for a day living a very fun afternoon of sailing through the Mexican Caribbean. They also enjoy underwater travel where they contemplate underwater life and its beauty through a submarine tour.

After so many activities and walks, it’s time to relax a little. The kids receive a aromatherapy massage, Which deeply relaxes THEM .

All of these activities are designed so that the children enjoy their beach stay to the fullest, relax and forget about their painful treatments. We want them to discover new emotions and to return with more strength and desire than ever to continue fighting.

Help us fulfill more dreams

With your help we can fulfill more dreams of boys and girls in hospitals. Thanks to our sponsors we cover a large part of the travel expenses, but there are still expenses to finance.

We invite you to donate to the program or sponsor one of our children and help them fulfill their dream.